Theatre performance "Time to pack"


Author: Alix Landau-Brijatoff
A one-act play for three characters with klezmer music

Riga Jewish Community, 1 July, 18:30
French with Russian subtitles

KGB Building Courtyard 4 July, 21:00
French with Latvian subtitles

It is the story of the fate of the author’s family, which is revealed through one of the most horrific humanitarian disasters of the 20th century, the Holocaust. The author's mother Blūma Landau was in Paris at the beginning of the war, her grandmother Broša Jankeloviča – in Rīga.

Directed by Isabelle Starkier.
Roles: Judith Magre, Valentine Varèla, Juris Žagars/Juris Kalniņš; violinist Eric Slabiak and klezmer ensemble Les Yeux Noirs.



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