Distance from Riga 170 km (A6)


The Jews, who settled here in the early 19th century, came from Lithuania. Prior to the WWI, the Jews made up more than half of the total population of the town. During that time prayer houses, a cemetery, a Jewish school, and a kindergarten functioned in Livani.

Due to the fast approaching front line, many Jews left the town in 1915. A Yiddish primary school was opened here in 1921. The total population of Livani in 1935 consisted of 3,527 people. Making up just 28% of the overall population, the Jews owned 44% of the small-scale businesses.

On the 29th of June 1941, the Nazi troops occupied Livani. A few weeks later, all the local Jews were executed.


Cemetery, Me┼ża St. It was opened in the mid-19th century. The last burial took place here in 1940. The cemetery was partially restored by Pastor Klaus-Peter Rex and his youth group from Germany in 2007.


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