International сonference “Jews in a Changing World”



Council of Jewish Communities of Latvia, Center for Judaic Studies at the University of Latvia and museum “Jews in Latvia” are pleased to invite to attend the 9th International сonference “Jews in a Changing World” devoted to the 25th anniversary of the restoration of the Jewish community in Latvia

November 24, from 13 till 20 (official opening at 18:00)

November 25, from 11 till 15

Conference venueRiga Jewish Community Center, Skolas 6

Researchers from Latvia, Germany, USA, Canada and Russia will deliver their reports on the history of the Jews in Latvia in the 20th century, while the round table participants will share their memories and discuss issues related to contemporary life of the community.

The conference program includes opening of the exhibition “Jewish holders of the state decorations of Latvia” and thefirst exclusive screening of a documentary feature film about Jewish history in Latvia “From stone to stone”.

Simultaneous translation Latvian-Russian-English is provided.

This is the Program for the conference.

Everyone is welcome!


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