Mr. Meyer Meller passed away



With great sorrow we inform of recent passing away of our long-time colleague and beautiful friend

Mr. Meyer Meller 
(12.06.1929 - 25.04.2015).

Although not being a historian by training or profession, he spent last 15 years of his life researching on Latvian Jewish history and culture. Of major importance are his researches of Latvian Jewish cemeteries and Holocaust killing sites. He has personally explored each and every of these morbid and tragic sites, and has dedicated an enormous effort to achieve, that the cemeteries are kept up, and Holocaust mass graves - properly marked. Recognizing this emotionally challenging and selfless work, in 2014 he was decorated with Latvia's highest civil award - The Order of Three Stars.

Working in these projects, Mr. Meller has cooperated with a vast amount of people all over Latvia, and up to this day they remember with great sympathy his huge knowledge, his dedication and persistence, and most of all - his great cordiality and sincere love for everybody, whom he has ever encountered.

May his memory be blessed.

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