Exhibition "Holocaust Commemoration in Latvia in the Course of Times. 1945-2015"



On 3 July, on the eve of the official Holocaust Remembrance Day in Latvia, the exhibition “Holocaust Commemoration in Latvia in the Course of Times 1945-2015” was opened.

The exhibition was organised by the museum "Jews in Latvia” and the Riga Jewish Community. The opening of the exhibition was accompanied by the day-long international symposium "Holocaust Commemoration in Latvian and International Context”. The symposium was attended by around 100 people including Latvian opinion-makers and guests from abroad.

The exhibition “Holocaust Commemoration in Latvia in the Course of Times 1945-2015” tells of the search for killing sites and the creation of signs, markers and monuments in memory of those killed in the times when the Holocaust was a taboo topic in Latvia and nowadays. The exhibition shows not only the different ways of commemoration that were practiced in Latvia over seven post-war decades, but also reveals the mechanisms of commemoration: how the activists made decisions, how they negotiated with the authorities, what the reaction of the authorities was and what influenced this reaction. The story of the creation of memorials is not only about the commemoration of the Holocaust victims, but also about the struggle of the Jews for the right not to be omitted from the history of WWII, and for the proper representation of the Holocaust in the public space.
The exhibition uses materials from the collection of the museum “Jews in Latvia”, the Latvian National Archives,  the “Yad Vashem” institute, the Latvian State Inspection for the Heritage Protection, the National Library of Latvia and private collections.  

The exhibition will be open until 15 October, 2015 at the museum “Jews in Latvia”, and after that it will travel to different places in Latvia and abroad.

The symposium that took place on the same day featured research on Holocaust commemoration, commemoration of Soviet terror, the genocide of the Roma and other genocides. The presentations were given by local researchers – the representatives of the museum “Jews in Latvia” and the University of Latvia, and by the international guests from the “Yad Vashem” institute (Israel), “Mémorial de la Shoah” (France), and the center “Dokumenta” (Croatia).

The exhibition and the symposium were supported by the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance, the Claims Conference, the Latvian State Culture Foundation, the Embassy of Germany and the Embassy of Hungary.


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