Neighborhood Lost: Jews in the Cultural Memory of Contemporary Latgale. Part 2.


 The second part of the book "Lost Neighborhood: Jews in the Cultural Memory of Latgale" is published! Online vesrion is available here: . The book will be available at the museum already in September.

"This volume is a part of a large scale project researching the memories about Jews, Jewish history, culture, ethnography and epigraphy as well as the stereotypical notions and beliefs of different ethnic groups about the Jews of the East Europe. This new volume is second part to the series of books from Latgale published by Center “Sefer”. This book is based on the data on Jewish ethnography, history and epigraphy collected during expedition trips of 2011-2015 that took place both in Latgale and in Israel, where we have interviewed people from this region." (Foreword)


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