75 years since mass shooting of Jews in Preili


These days mark the sad anniversary - 75 years since the mass shootings of Jews in Preili (July 27 and August 10, 1941), when some 800 people were killed. Honoring the memory of the victims, on August 8, 2004, at the killing site near town's Jewish cemetery was unveiled a memorial, that was sponsored by Preili native, prominent public activist David Silberman (New-York) and Latvian Jewish community. From that moment at the memorial annualy are held commemorative events with the participation of Preili municipality, schools and the residents of the town. The event is traditionally orginized and led by the director of Preili Museum Ms. Tekla Bekeša. The ceremony on August 7, 2016, was attended by some 50 people, among them the American descendents of Preili Jews.


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