Cleaning and renovation works оf Saldus Old Jewish cemetery


Today, on August 12, after ten days of cleaning and renovation works, was unveiled Saldus Old Jewish cemetery. This graveyard was used by Saldus (Ger. Frauenburg) and vicinity Jews between 1871 and 1900, when another burial ground was established. This cemetery was abandoned, forgotten, it has overgown, and almost nobody even in Saldus itself knew of it. Three years ago the staff of the museum "Jews in Latvia" has located and explored the cemetery.
This year, thanks to the support of Saldus region and Zirņi parish municipalities, the group of Austrian and German volunteers from LOT association (, led by priest Klaus-Peter Rex, have restored the cemetery. They have cut the trees and bushes, created the pathways, cleaned and documented more than 70 tombstones. Now Saldus has got new important and interesting cultural monument.


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