New accessions to the collection


The collection of the museum “Jews in Latvia” was recently appended by two valuable publications.

The first is “The revolutionaries of Israel: life and deeds of the Prophets” (Riga: TsIShO, 1930) by notable Latvian Jewish author Hirsch Melamed; in this book he analyzes the social program of several Biblical Prophets, as well as literary significance of their texts.

The second is the memoir “We want to live !” (New-York, 1949) by Yaakov Rasen, one of the first eyewitness accounts about Holocaust in Latvia. The author, a Lithuanian Jew, after the Nazi invasion becomes a refugee, then is imprisoned in Daugavpils ghetto, Kaiserwald concentration camp, escaped from Dundaga-Popervale camp, and in the forests of Northern Courland encountered and joined the Soviet reconnaissance patrol. Later he got to “displaced persons” camp in Germany, and from there he traveled to Israel.


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