Holocaust Commemoration in Latvia over the Course of Time (1945-2015): exhibition catalogue


We have finished the preparation of a new catalogue. Its presentation will take place in the nearest future at the museum “Jews in Latvia”. The catalogue contains about 120 documents and photographs on Holocaust commemoration in various Latvian regions and cities from 1945 to 2015, which had been presented at the exhibition, as well as some additional materials and a summary. The catalog is in English and Latvian and consists of 6 chapters.


This catalogue is our attempt to give prominence to a lesser-known aspect of Latvian Jewish history – the commemoration of Holocaust victims. A lot has been written on the Holocaust in Latvia – memoirs, scholarly works and texts of a popular or an analytical journalistic nature. Some of them are known only to a narrow circle of professionals, while others have become classics. However, few of these texts deal with the issue of memory, of how Holocaust survivors and Jews returning from exile in Russia or service in the Soviet Army tried to preserve the memory of their family members and close friends who had perished in the Holocaust.


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