New project in co-operation with the Museum of Occupation and Žanis Lipke Memorial


On July 4, the Day of Commemoration of victims of genocide against the Jews in Latvia, an important event took place at the museum “Jews in Latvia”, with participation of the Association of German cities “Riga Committee” (Das Deutsche Riga-Komitee. During the event, young people read fragments from the diaries of three girls who died in the Holocaust - Anna Hackelson from Riga, Hannah Bloh from Strenči and Sheina Gramm from Preiļi.

Currently, the museum “Jews in Latvia” in co-operation with the Museum of Occupation and the Žanis Lipke Memorial  work on the new project sponsored by The German Foundation “Remembrance, Responsibility, Future” (EVZ),  which includes the publication of these diaries, as well as preparation of methodological materials for history lessons at schools.


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