Lecture "Jewish Joke on Internet" by S.J.Bronner (USA)



As a part of Latvia's Academy of Culture conference CROSSROADS OF CULTURES XI museum "Jews in Latvia" has the honour to present the lecture of famous American social anthropologist, Pennsylvania State University professor SIMON J. BRONNER

"THE JEWISH JOKE ONLINE: Controversies Over Jewish Jokes When They Go Public"
The lecture takes place on November 8, 2017, at the museum "Jews in Latvia" (Skolas str. 6, Riga).

In his lecture prof. Bronner addresses the issues of difference between the Jewish joke as an "inner" issue of the Jewish community, and the Jewish joke in the broader public discourse, especially as when it gets to the Internet.

The entrance is free, lecture will be held in English without translation, please pre-register till November 3 at http://ej.uz/jewish_joke

More on prof. Bronner:

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