Presentation of Rene Nyberg's book "The last train to Moscow"


  Embassy of Finland in Latvija in cooperation with Riga's Jewish community  is inviting on the presentation of the Rene Nyberg's book "The last train to Moscow". 

On the 16 of November at 14.00 o'clock  in the museum "Jews in Latvia" at Skolas str. 6.

The event will we in Russian language.
Entrance is free.

The author of the book Rene Nyberg - was working at the Foreign Offices in different countries. Jewish roots of his mother, Feiga Tukatsier was a family secret and never was spoken on public. Rene Nyberg's book is telling stories of Rene's mother, her life in Helsinki, in Riga (before WW2), stories of their relatives who stayed in Riga, the ones, who died during the Holocaust, and the destiny of cosine Masha and her husband Josef Yungman, who saved themselves by taking the last train to Moscow. These stories as magnets dragged in another ones. Each of them is full of the details of private stories and end worldwide important events, have tthe sagnificant impact of time and space where these 
events took place.
The book was translated to Latvian and published in «JUMAVA» publishment this October. Little bit earlier it was translated to Russian and published.


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