Two exhibitions being unveiled


 Commemorating the International Holocaust Remembrance Day

Council of Jewish Communities of Latvia
invites you
to the opening of two exhibitions
24 January at 16:00
Museum “Jews in Latvia”, Skolas Str. 6
Joseph Elgurt
Joseph Elgurt (1924-2007) is Latvian painter, the master of serigraphy. Born in Chisinau. In 1941,
Elgurt’s entire family was deported to ghetto in Transnistria, his family members perished there.
In 1944 he was liberated and returned to Chisinau. Since 1952, Elgurt lived in Riga. Graduated the Art
Academy of Latvia, later being accepted to the Latvia’s Artists’ Union. The artist's works, that are
considered as graphics mastery model, were exhibited in many countries, including Russia, Israel,
Bulgaria, Yugoslavia, Greece, Poland, Holland, Italy, Japan, Germany, France, Switzerland, USA.
Works for the exhibition are provided from private collections.
Museum “Jews in Latvia”
Riga Professional Artists Corporation
Art studio No.1
Curator of the exhibition Yuri Slavik.
The Anguish of Liberation
This exhibition, based on the Yad Vashem Art Collection,
features 11 artworks that were created immediately after
the liberation and up until 1947. The exhibition attempts
to investigate how survivors reacted to the liberation through art.
The main theme of the exhibition is comprised of the artworks
and the personal story behind each of them.
The exhibition is supported by the Embassy of Israel.

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