Discussion at the University of Latvia "Youth and the Appeal of Ideologies"



In the framework of the exhibition "I am Jabotinsky" the museum "Jews in Latvia", Center for Judaic Studies at University of Latvia, and Nativ - the Israeli Cultural Center organize the discussion

which will take place on May 10, at 13:00at the Aula Minor of Latvian University, Raina boulv. 19, Riga, 2nd floor

The goal of the discussion is to put the activities of prominent Jewish politician and political theorist Zeev (Vladimir) Jabotinsky into the broader context of his era, in Riga, where he has founded "Betar" youth movement.

The discussion will deal with the issues: if Latvian society had been politicized back in 1920s and 1930s; if we can consider politization to be good or just the opposite - it can cause crisis; if Latvia's ethnic minorities, especially Jews, were part of the general trend; and how do these events echo today.

The participation has been confirmed for the following:

Gidon Mitchnik - Director of Jabotinsky Institute
Prof. Arye Naor - professor and former chair at the Political Science dept., Hebrew University Jerusalem, 1977-82 - head of Secretariat of Government of Israel
Ariel Bulstein - lawyer and journalist, member of board of Jabotinsky Institute

Working languages - English and Latvian, simultaneous translation provided. 

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