Lecture: Talmud and Philosophy: A Counter-History


 This lecture will offer a counter-history of the relationships between Talmud and Philosophy as compared to both traditional and currently regnant academic accounts of the Talmud's development and of its relationships with philosophy. We will begin from how the Talmud emerges and what it entails for its readers or learners in what, in the 19th century, became the traditional printed form (tzurat ha-daf.) We will then continue with the 20th century "scientific"=philological reevaluation of the Talmud as a body of text, and to the 21st century (current) reconsiderations of it as a body of thought. To that end we will examine how the rabbis in Late Antiquity understood and used the term Talmud, what Talmud came to mean for competing schools of its Aristotelian commentators in the Middle Ages, what Talmud entailed for the rabbis at the time of Enlightenment, and what it became for theorists of Jewish Law after Kant. This exposition will lead to a more general question about the position of the Talmud as a discipline of thought and memory and how it relates to philosophy and rhetoric as disciplines of thinking about and engaging with the world.

The Lecture will take place on 25-th of July at 18:00. Event will be in Russian without translation. Entrance free. 



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