In 2018, the museum "goes to school"




This year museum “Jewish in Latvia” starts the project called “The Museum Goes to School”. It is an educational program, which intended for school students 6-20 years old from different cities, towns and villages of Latvia.


Our museum educators will go for fascinating journey with school students through educational workshops about Jewish heritage, life, traditions, culture, Holocaust and its commemoration.

We are grateful to Dutch Jewish humanitarian fund for granting us the possibility to make this project happen.


Through the informal educational methods (such as group discussions, orientation games, group presentations, quizzes and interactive tasks), the students will learn about the past and present of Jewish communities in Latvia, their culture, traditions, values, about the Holocaust tragedy in Latvia and in Europe, and will reflect on the necessity to commemorate the victims. The workshops will take place about two-four times a month at different schools of Latvia, in Riga and outside. It is important to give the opportunity to learn about the Jewish community and the Holocaust to those groups of students who can not free themselves from the school and come to the museum in Riga.


The main idea of project is:

  • - to raise and deepen interest of Latvian youth in Jewish culture, history, Holocaust commemoration, as well as their local history;
  • - to involve young people in study of the Jewish history and culture in Latvia;
  • - to promote tolerance and mutual respect between young people of different ethnicity and religions;
  • - to transmit the knowledge and memory about Holocaust to the youth.


We have different educational workshops:


Jewish traditions and holidays


Objective: to learn about cultural and religious diversity of Latvia, focusing on the basics about Jewish traditions, history and contemporary life of Jews in Latvia.


Through personal stories, looking and comparing the pictures from before the Second World War and now, as well as performing interactive tasks, the students will compare the Jewish life in Latvia then and now, learn the main terms of Judaism and Jewish culture, will get acquainted with the similarities and differences of Judaism and Christianity.


* Outstanding Jewish personalities of Latvia


The aim of the lesson is to build a picture of the Latvian cultural diversity and the role of national minorities through the assessment of the Jewish contribution to Latvian cultural and historical heritage. During the lesson pupils will get acquainted with prominent personalities – Jews, who have worked in pre-war Latvia in various fields, gaining recognition both among their colleagues and the wider society.



* Holocaust commemoration


Objective: to stimulate the reflection about the necessity to commemorate the victims of the Holocaust tragedy.


During the workshop, the students read short texts about the commemoration experiences, look at the pictures of different commemoration monuments, learn about Holocaust commemoration in different countries, and reflect about the ways to commemorate. As a result, students will get an important impulse to take part in the commemoration events and form their opinion about the remembrance.


Teachers are welcome to make applications by e-mails or phone calls.


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