This year project «The museum Goes to School» came to an end




This year museum “Jewish in Latvia” started project called “The museum Goes to School”. It was an educational program, which intended for school students 13-20 years old from different cities, towns and villages of Latvia.


During this year we were at sixteen schools and working with 45 different classes in this schools.


This was fascinating journey with school students through educational workshops, orientation games, interactive tasks and quizzes about Jewish heritage, life, traditions, culture, Holocaust and its commemoration.

We should be grateful to Dutch Jewish humanitarian fund for granting to us possibility to make this project happen.


Through the informal educational methods the students were learning about the past and present of Jewish communities in Latvia, their culture, traditions, values, about the Holocaust tragedy in Latvia and in Europe, and will reflect on the necessity to commemorate the victims.


Project was focusing on raising interest of Latvian youth in Jewish culture, history, Holocaust commemoration, as well as their local history. It was important for museum pedagogues to involved young people in study of Jewish history and culture in Latvia and to promote tolerance and mutual respect between young people of different ethnicity and religions.


We are thankful to all teachers, school authority and students with whom we were met this year for their interest and understanding of how important to see the variety of cultures and traditions in different communities! Thank you - Herder secondary school, Jugla Secondary School, Kuldiga 2nd Secondary School, Sh.Dubnov Riga Jewish School, Teika School, Ropaži secondary school, 95 Secondary School, Plavinas Gymnasium, Teika Secondary School, Ludza Gymnasium, Jaunmarupe Middle School, Rujiena Secondary School, 45th Secondary School, Āgenskalns Primary School and we are hoping to meet again!



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