Workshop for students 1th - 4h grade ‘My genealogy’

   Interactive lesson for pupils (1. - 4. grade)

"My genealogy"



Museum “Jews in Latvia”, Skolas street 6, Riga

Duration: 1,5 hour



Museum "Jews in Latvian" offers classes for 1 - 4th grade pupils My genealogy”.


During the workshop, pupils will create their own family tree and will try to answer the question – what making people different or similar.

The main goal – have a discussion about diversity and similarity, about friendship and mutual respect.


Classes are held in Latvian or Russian. The number of students - from 12 to 30 people.


Classes are free of charge.


Contact: Marina Geht, the deputy director of the museum ‘Jew in Latvia’, phone 29435005, e-mail:



The lessons are elaborated and organised with the support of "Dutch Jewish Humanitarian Fund JHF".



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