Workshop for 6th - 8h grade students ‘Jewish traditions’

Interactive lesson for students (6th - 8h grade)


‘Jewish traditions’ 
Museum ‘Jews in Latvia’, Skolas iela 6, Riga
Lesson duration: 1-1.5 hours
Museum "Jews in Latvian" offers classes for 6 -  8th grade pupils ‘Jewish traditions”.

During the workshop students will learn about cultural and religious diversity, focusing on the basics about Jewish traditions and holidays.
After a short tour around the museum, the students will take part in the performance of Kabbalat Shabbat. Then, working in groups, they will learn about different Jewish holidays. At the end, they will present self-made greeting cards they are going to make for each holiday.
Classes are held in Latvian or Russian. The number of students - from 12 to 30 people.
Classes are free of charge.
Contact: Marina Geht, the deputy director of the museum ‘Jew in Latvia’, phone 29435005, e-mail:
The lessons are elaborated and organised with the support of "Dutch Jewish Humanitarian Fund JHF".

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