Tragedy of a Jewish Student-Girl: Riga, 1913: Movie Screening



The movie screening will take place on Tuesday, 9 July 2019 17:00 at the museum "Jews in Latvia".

"Where's the Truth, or The Tragedy of the Jewish Student-Girl", filmed in Riga in 1913, is the earliest surviving Latvian movie.

Dealing with the socially prominent issues, particularly with the status of Jews in Russian Empire and rights of women, it enjoyed significant popularity, but also caused scandals and was banned by the authorities.

The plot was utilized for several other movies in the following years, and the "original" movie was shown in Riga several times up to 1923, still causing the public interest.

The movie will be preceded by the introduction, contextualizing it as a part of "Jewish cinematography" in pre -1917 Russian Empire.

In the spirit of the era, it will be accompanied by the live music, performed by Riga/Berlin/New York own Ilya Shneyveys.

Event will be held in English, everyone is welcome !

The event is part of Nordplus project, co-hosted by Paideia Institute for Jewish Studies (Stockholm)




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