Interactive walk for 9th - 12th grade students




Interactive walk for pupils (9 - 12 grade) 


" Riga Art Nouveau Stories " 



 Museum “Jews in Latvia”, Skolas street 6, Riga 

Duration: 1,5 hour


Museum "Jews in Latvian" offers an interactive walk for 9 - 12th grade pupils " Riga Art Nouveau Stories ".  This is an interactive walk around Riga's Art Nouveau Quarter using modern electronic devices. Students will learn about Riga's cultural and historical heritage and Jewish history in Riga, as well as the role of outstanding personalities in the development of the city and society.


The walk is held in Latvian or Russian. The number of students - from 12 to 30 people. The walk is free of charge.


Contact: Marina Geht, the deputy director of the museum ‘Jews in Latvia’, phone 29435005, e-mail:


The walk is elaborated and organized with the support of State Culture Capital Foundation and Latvia's Centenary Programme "Latvijas skolas soma", as well as Dutch Jewish Humanitarian Fund.







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