Events at the museum in September 2011



This year September was rich in events. Three different lectures took place at the museum by the leading specialists from Russia and Israel.

September 6 ethnographer and anthropologist, specialist in Jewish-Slavic relations Svetlana Amosova from Moscow made a presentation based on the field work material which was collected in Preili in August 2011. In the framework of the research many interviews with people who lived before the Shoah close to Jews were taken. The result of the research is rich and unknown before material that reflects images about Jewish life before the war and intercultural relationship in small town in Eastern Latvia.

 Building of the sinagogue. Preili, 8, Brivibas str.

September 13 philosopher and translator Mark Gondelman from Jerusalem (Hebrew University) gave a master class „Order of the Universe: Talmudic view”. The audience was proposed and taught to read and analyze one chapter of Mishna which provides Talmudic view to the essential questions of existence.

September 27 the leading specialist in the history of Karaites Dr. Mikhail Kizilov (Simferopol, Oxford, Beer-Sheva) gave a lecture about this subethnical Jewish group. The lecture was devoted to the development of Karaite communities in Eastern Europe, including Latvia, during two last centuries.


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