Exhibition "Lost Litvak World in the Drawings of G. Bagdonavicius"



Siauliai "Aušros" Museum and Museum "Jews in Latvia" kindly invite you to the opening of the exhibition "The Lost Litvak World in the Drawings of Gerardas Bagdonavicius (1901–1986)"
July 2, 2020 at 16.00
in the museum "Jews in Latvia" (Skolas Street 6, Riga).
The exhibition will be open from July 2 to August 31, 2020.
The exhibition "The Lost Litvak World in the Drawings of the Artist Gerardas Bagdonavich (1901–1986)" displays original drawings of the artist, created from 1928 to 1950 and reflecting his everyday environment and travels around Lithuania. These works of art are an important testimony to the formation, maintenance and loss of the Litvak community.
The exhibition is complemented by Siauliai region photographs of the synagogues and their interior taken in 1930-1940. The works on display in the exhibition help to restore the historical past, reconstruct the real features of the Jewish community, the peculiarities of its activities, and reveal specific traditions of Lithuanian Jewish art.
The exhibition is financially supported by the Lithuanian Culture Council and Siauliai City Municipality.
The event will take place in accordance with Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No. 360 "Epidemiological precautions to limit the spread of Covid-19 infection".

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