Lecture "Karlis Ulmanis' regime and the Jews"




On October 20 at 18.00 in the building of the Riga Jewish Community, Skolas Street 6, a lecture by the historian Aivars Stranga "Karlis Ulmanis' regime and the Jews" will take place.


During the lecture one of the most important aspects of the authoritarian regime of K. Ulmanis – the strategy in relations with Latvian minorities, primarily with Germans and Jews, will be discussed. Relations with the Jewish community were dominated by the perception of Jews as a problem group, causing rather economic than political problems. There are still many insufficiently researched aspects of the relationship of K. Ulmanis's regime with the Jews, an in-depth study of which will help to form a clearer picture of this period in the history of Latvia as a whole.


Prof. Dr.habil.hist. Aivars Stranga is one of the leading Latvian historians, a long-term lecturer at the Faculty of History and Philosophy of the University of Latvia, a member of the Latvian Historians' Commission and a full member of the Latvian Academy of Sciences. Author of several monographs and dozens of articles, in particular – about the regime of K. Ulmanis, the history of the LSDLP and the foreign policy of Latvia. He was one of the pioneers of research into the Jewish history of Latvia after the restoration of national independence, publishing the monographs “Jews and Dictatorships in the Baltics (1926-1940)” (2002) and “Jews in the Baltics. From the origins of its appearance to the Holocaust. 14 century – 1945" (2008). Deputy Chairman of the Board of the Center for Judaic Studies at the University of Latvia.


All interested persons are invited to the event, but registration is required (info@ebrejumuzejs.lv) since the number of places is limited due to the epidemiological situation.


Free admission.


Photo and video filming will be carried out during the event.


All COVID-19 prevention measures will be followed during the event.


The lecture is planned as part of the lecture cycle of the Riga Jewish Community and the Museum "Jews in Latvia" "Minorities in Latvia: Today's View", which runs from March to November 2020. All lectures in the cycle are available in recordings on the museum's YouTube channel: http://shorturl.at/sFKU4.


The project is co-financed within the framework of the Society Integration Program of the Education, Culture and Sports Department of the Riga City Council.


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