Lecture "Hitler, Churchill, the Polish Government: Games of The Counterintelligence, 1939-1941"



On August 12, at 18:00, in the building of the Riga Jewish Community, Skolas Street 6, a lecture by the historian Dr. Jacob Falkov "Hitler, Churchill, the Polish Government: Games of The Counterintelligence, 1939-1941" will take place.


This lecture is dedicated to the new discovery of the Israeli historian Yakov Falkov. Based on the results of his many years of research in the archives of the United States, Great Britain and Israel, he reveals a hitherto unknown aspect of the initial stage of the Second World War (1939-41) - secret contacts and a bitter struggle of diplomatic and special services of Great Britain, Germany and the Polish government in exile. According to Falkov, the beginning of 1941 could be marked by German-Polish reconciliation, the end of hostilities in Europe and the formation of a European military-political bloc under the auspices of Berlin. This was prevented by Churchill's fundamental reluctance to negotiate with Hitler, as well as the active actions of British counterintelligence officers to disrupt German-Polish contacts and "pacify" the Polish émigré leadership.


The lecture will be held in Russian.


Free admission.


Upon entering the event, you will need to present an identity document, as well as a valid Covid-19 digital certificate confirming that the person has been vaccinated against Covid-19 infection, and fourteen days have passed after completing the full course of vaccination. The certificate is available on the website www.Covid19sertifikats.lv.


About the lecturer:

Dr. Yakov Falkov is an Israeli historian born in Riga. History graduate Tel Aviv University, Visiting Lecturer at Tel Aviv University and the Interdisciplinary Center of Herzliya, Visiting Fellow at Oxford University, United States Holocaust Memorial Museum (USHMM) and Yad Vashem (2016 - 2019). In April 2021, The Historical Society of Israel honored Dr. Falkov's work with a Special Achievement Award in Historical Science.


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