New Acquisitions to the Collection



The collection of the museum has been enriched by two important and interconnected editions.

The first one – a collection of decisions and advices of Reuven Levine (1816, Smorgon – 1887,
Daugavpils) «Rosh Lereuveni» («A captain of the Reubenites», I Chronicles 11:42) (Daugavpils: S. Klumel, 1936). The auther of the book is one of the most prominent Jewish religious authorities of his time and specialists in Jewish law, the rabbi of Mstislavl, Nesvizh, Iwye in Belarus. In 1879 – 1887 he was a spiritual leader of Jews of Daugavpils and is still known as „Daugavpils Gaon”. He was a teacher of the famous Griva-born (next to Daugavpils) Jewish religious philosopher and first main rabbi of Palesine Abraham Isaac Kook, as well as one of the few rabbis of his time that supported the establishment of Jewish settlements in Palestine.  

The second one is a work of the R. Levin’s follower as a rabbi Meir Simcha Katz-Kagan (1843, Butrimonys – 1926,
Riga) “Or Sameach” (“The Light of Joy”), published in Warsaw and in Riga (1909 and 1926). Meir Simcha Katz-Kagan known as “Meir Simcha from Dvinsk” is one of the greatest Jewish religious thinkers and authorities. From 1888 to 1926 he was a spiritual leader of Daugavpils Misnagdim community. He did not leave the community and his followers even at the time of First World War. The people attributed him the gift of miracle-worker, even today he remains a popular hero of the religious folklore. The works of Meir Simcha from Dvinsk are being published again until today, and many religious schools in Israel, the United States and Canada are named after him.



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