The exhibition “The Tragedy of Latvia. 1941” will be displayed at the European Parliament


From May 7th, 2013 the exhibition “The Tragedy of Latvia. 1941” will be presented at the European Parliament in
Brussels. The exhibition will cover the events of 1941 in Latvia that in a tragic way affected all citizens of the country. The exhibition is organized by the MEP Sandra Kalniete. It is co-financed by the Jewish Community of Latvia led by Arkādijs Suharenko.

The exhibition “The Tragedy of Latvia. 1941” that the Museum of the Occupation of Latvia prepared in collaboration with the Museum "Jews in Latvia" was unveiled in June, 2011. It was displayed on the outer walls of the Museum of the Occupations’ building and continued in the exhibition hall. The extended version of the exhibition will be displayed at the European Parliament from 6 to 10 May, 2013. The MEPs and the guests of the Parliament will have an opportunity to enhance their knowledge how both occupying powers, after the destruction of the Latvia’s statehood, brutally turned against the citizens of Latvia. Soviet occupying power repressed and also killed the citizens of Latvia who were not loyal to the Soviet regime and on June 14 sent approximately 15000 people to Siberia. The following Nazi occupying power almost entirely destroyed the Jewish community of Latvia.


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