The museum has several tens of interwar period posters. They are political party posters and social or cultural event advertisements. Among them the posters of the international Zionist organization “Betar” that was established in Riga, as well as posters of the religious Zionist party “Mizrachi” and other party posters. The posters of the Riga Jewish Theater advertising plays have been preserved along with concert advertisements from many Latvian towns. Some of the posters can be found in the exhibition: for example, the advertisement poster of the Jewish newspaper “Frimorgn” and the United list of Jewish Traders and Manufactures election poster. Posters were printed in Riga, Liepāja, Saldus, Daugavpils and Kuldīga. Posters are written mostly in Yiddish with a Latvian translation, some examples from the Kurzeme region were printed in German.  Posters are distinct examples of the Jewish active and cultural life during independent Latvia in the twenties and thirties.


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