Videos of the lectures, conference "Tolerance and Diversity"
The lectures from the conference "Tolerance and Diversity", 15.03.2018.   Iļja Ļenskis (Museum “Jews in Latvia”, director) "The history of antisemitism": Dr. Didzis Bērziņš (Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Latvia) "The psychological and social roots of prejudices and phobia": Jekaterina Tumule (Centre for the Human Rights) "Manifestations of intolerance – from prejudice to ...

Materials from the Conference “Tolerance and Diversities”
17 April 2018
  Click on this link below to download the materials from the Conference “Tolerance and Diversities”. List of materials: 1. Danute Grinfelde – presentation 2. Danute Grinfelde – handouts 3. Ilya Lensky – presentation 4. Jekaterina Tumule - – presentation 5. Kaspars Zellis – presentation from the 1. workshop 6. Kaspars Zellis – presentation from the 2. ...


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